About Kim

Kim has that unusual balance of being intuitive and practical. Her professional background in the Civil Engineering field followed her mother’s footsteps. Her physicist father’s influence kept her grounded. The progression of her intuitive and spiritual career has grown over the years.

Spiritual and intuitive influences run on both sides of her family. Notably her grandmother’s near death and many other spiritual experiences formed the basis of Kim’s life long interest in the spiritual and paranormal. Her advice and encouragement helped Kim to appreciate, understand and develop her own gifts of seeing auras and spirits, feeling and interpreting energy.

Kim is a frequent guest lecturer at Chapman University and works with individuals and groups to pass on her knowledge and experience

Past Life Regression

In training with internationally acclaimed past life therapist Dr. Brian Weiss and personally working with hundreds of past life regression clients, Kim has developed her own hypnotherapy based methods of accessing our memories of past lives. It is not necessary to have a belief system in past lives to yield positive benefits.

Clients may schedule an appointment out of curiosity or concern. The process will bring about an understanding of how past lifetimes are influencing their current relationships with loved ones or even adversaries. Clients’ unexplained phobias, feelings of dread or physical ailments have been known to disappear and talents can appear after uncovering their origins in a past life regression.

Clients have reported profound healing and deep resolution in their personal life and relationships as a result of past life regressions.

Energy Balancing / Healing

Kim is certified in Reiki along with other healing methodologies, such as energy healing, clearing and balancing. Energy work involves simple energy principles and practices that keep our energy strong and healthy for our body, mind and soul. Chakra clearing is a method that re-aligns the energy centers to improve and maintain energy and chakra balance.

Interpretation of the client’s Aura colors and movement determine how the re-alignment is to be achieved. In addition energy cords are formed to family members and other individuals close to us in our lives which ideally stay balanced, but these connections can become unhealthy and be extremely draining and painful in our lives. If this occurs these cords can be removed energetically to stop the “bleeding” of energy. The main focus of energy work is to help the client understand their personal energies and chakra zones. Clients will be empowered to use their intention and abilities to heal, as well as to send this energy beyond themselves to help others emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance concentration, confidence and performance as well as overcoming cycles of fear, stress and anxiety. The goal is to empower clients to envision and accomplish success and happiness in their lives. This is achieved by using techniques to guide an individual into a calm focused alpha state of mind.

Then, by placing the intellectual mind in the background, this allows the subconscious mind’s undiscovered abilities to come forward and better absorb suggestions. A more profound resolution in the soul and emotions will be achieved that the intellectual mind often cannot grasp or resolve on its own.

Intuitive Reading

Through basic counseling this method utilizes the observation of the clients aura color and movement, feel of energies, visions, and messages from loved one that have passed over, to connect on a deeper level. After processing all of this various input it is then translated into messages and information for the client.

Intuitive Counseling also examines the energy dynamics between people in the client’s life. Whether it’s a dynamic between a loved one who’s living or has passed, the energy dynamics tends to remain the same. These dynamics can be identified and illuminated through this method. The objective is to help clients achieve more clarity about the things happening in their love, family relationships, finances and life purpose.

Soul Releasement

Soul Releasement is the process of clearing out negative or dark energy blocks and attachments that have been acquired during the course of living that are negatively impacting your life. Incidences such as emotional, physical, or substance abuse at any point in our lives often create vulnerabilities to negative energy attachments which then become integrated into our lives.

The process to relieve these issues is enhanced with hypnotherapy. Not to be confused with the frightening “Hollywood” representation, real-life Soul Releasement is geared towards a more positive approach to overcoming bad habits and negative forces.