What your Aura says about you

Aura colorsFor some reason I have always been able to see Auras around people and animals, and even objects. I really don’t think about it too much unless I’m actively scanning energy and doing readings. The color(s) I see surrounding people helps me understand what is going on in their life.

Sometimes a person’s Aura just stands out to me in some way and occasionally I’ll mention it to the person (I’m sensitive to the fact that not everyone is open to this). A couple of months ago my husband and I were helped at the bank by a really nice young clerk. As we opened a new account I started to really notice that his Aura was a beautiful lavender/violet color which is uncommon to see on a bank employee. Usually I see shades of blue on people that are analytical, studying or writing (think engineers, accountants, lawyers…). I had told him I was a hypnotherapist and did readings and with his Aura color I would have expected him to be in a more creative and intuitive occupation. He seemed surprised and told me that he was intuitive and was also a musician. He had taken the bank position while he was in college, and due to the economy he felt stuck there. I suggested that he get back to his music and trust his intuition to lead him in the right direction. I am struck by how much energy he was using doing a job that wasn’t compatible with his natural energy field!

I came to realize that Aura colors are up to interpretation and may be reported differently due to the observer or observation method. I had noticed that books on Aura colors disagreed with each other as well as with my own observations. These realizations lead me to correlate the colors that I saw around people that I already knew with their characteristics. Now this is what I base my interpretation on. My Aura color observation database continues to grow with time, experience, friends and clients.

Once while my husband and I were walking up to a reported energy vortex (natural energy center) in Sedona, Arizona, we talked briefly with a woman who was there with her husband and dog. They recently had their Auras read by a machine that was supposed to tell their Aura colors. In the first place I was surprised because both of their Aura colors were blue which told me that they were both technical, expressed themselves well and were not typical of people who would pay to find out about their Auras! The Husband also had a layer of lavender around his Aura. As I mentioned above, lavender is an intuitive color and is also linked with rapid shifts of focus with quick answers to problems all calling for attention at once. It essentially gets interpreted as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) type behavior, bright but a little chaotic. It’s not a bad thing, and whatever you call it, it describes the energy pattern. I’ve seen variations on this color scheme. I said her husband would be a good design engineer. The woman told me that was his profession! The woman’s Aura had a couple of blue bubbles around her throat so I knew that she could write books. When I let her know, she told me that she was a teacher of English literature and had already written one textbook and was working on another one. The dog was the funny one. The machine said their dog had a red Aura. I assured her that his Aura was green and not red. Red can indicate anger or family issues, but green is correlated with the heart chakra. Nurses, healers and empathetic people typically have green Auras. Auras don’t lie, it turns out he was a healing dog and worked in hospitals… It made perfect sense! Any one in the hospital will want a sea of green Auras surrounding them! Needless to say I’m a little suspect of the Aura image machines. Maybe that one wasn’t calibrated well? Either way I’ll stick to my method, it works for me!

The Aura colors correlate with the colors of light spectrum and the energy centers in the body that these represent. If you don’t see Auras, you can learn. It’s fun to find a place to sit and Aura watch as people walk by a light colored background. Some people can close their eyes and sense the color. Pay attention to how your energy feels. If you feel drained and tired at work then your occupation may not be compatible with your Aura color and energy system. If you feel energized at work then the odds are good that you have found a good match for your Aura color and energy vibration. This will lead you to success!