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(Frequently Asked

Yes, basically it is. I use a combination of tapping into information from your energy, your guides, my guides and receiving information as a medium. As I process the information I explain and interpret it all for you.

Maybe for some, just because it may be unknown territory. The experience is really more exciting and fun than scary. I make every effort to help you feel at home and leave with a much better understanding of the energies around you and the people in your life.

I believe we all have help and protection from the other side and often they come along to the session with you. Typically spirit guides aren’t intrusive and just want to be there when you ask for help or guidance. A spirit guide or angel will be there for your highest good, never to scare or interfere with your life or free will.

You must be 18 years old to have a session without a parent present, or you must receive permission from a parent. At the parent’s request, I’ve done a reading for precocious 6 year old that wanted to get in on the action! I’ve also done a past life regression for an 11 year old to heal reoccurring nightmares.

NO. We all have potential exit points where we could choose to leave this life, but we are here to live, not spend our lives worried about an approaching death!

I’m sure there are rare cases, but in all of my sessions, I haven’t come across a case of no past lives..
There are a small number of people that find it hard to let go of “control”. I have very high percentage of clients that achieve the hypnotic state. The key is feeling very comfortable and secure with the process.
I will definitely explain the Aura color that I see around you and what it means. We all have a predominate aura color or colors.
After balancing, your Chakras typically will stay balanced until you encounter a situation that throws you off balance or drains your energy. Negative people, stressful situations or Illness can cause unbalance. Once you know how your Chakras feel when they are in balance you can learn to keep them balanced on your own. I also have clients that prefer to come in for tune-ups.