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I’ve been on a bit of a UFO Quest these last couple of years. It all goes back to an experience that I had when I was still in the crib as a toddler. To this day I can see the look on my parents face as I yelled bloody murder. The “little wooden Man” who had popped up in my crib had grabbed my sock and made off with it. My main frustration was my parent’s slow reaction to the theft. I had to really push the issue to get them to take the mattress out and do a thorough investigation. The incident became one of those family jokes through the years since we never recovered the sock, but I know what I saw! I’ve had a healthy interest and a lot of personal experiences in all things paranormal ever since.

Yvonne and Brent Smith
Yvonne and Brent Smith

My Trip to Roswell germinated when I decided to go see my friend, Yvonne Smith speak at the Roswell UFO Museum’s 2012 – 4 day Galaxy Fest which falls on the July 3rd anniversary of the famous 1947 UFO crash. Yvonne’s expertise is based on her work as a hypnotherapist helping hundreds of clients who have experienced abductions and the post traumatic stress that can follow. She is the author of “Chosen” and founder of the group (Close Encounter Resource Organization) CERO that gives support and a safe environment for people that have had unusual UFO encounters of the 4th kind. “You could hear a pin drop during her talk!” as my mom said when we attended Yvonne’s lecture at the McMinnville, Oregon UFO fest in May.

Roswell Museum UFO
From the Roswell Museum; a UFO

Roswell’s Museum and Galaxy fest is run by Julie Shuster (daughter of Rowell Army Air Field Public Information Officer Walter Haut – who issued the initial Press release stating that a “Flying disc” had been recovered in 1947) The Museum has here many displays of the equipment used “back in the day”, photo’s of the crash site and the major players in the incident. In the middle is huge UFO that puts out smoke and sounds as if it’s landing with life size alien figures surrounding it. One of the Aliens slightly turned his head and really made me jump.

It is hot in July but a really beautiful drive from the Albuquerque Airport to Roswell, NM. And where else could I hear serious UFO information, have my picture taken with Denise Crosby From or should I say “Lt. Tasha Yar” of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fame, see a fun parade that is about 5 minutes long that the City sponsors and Take a van tour with EJ Wilson and Noe Torres on the path of where the Alien Bodies were taken, witnesses detained and cover stories concocted after the crash.

Travis Walton, Back to the Future
Here is Travis Walton, going back to the future?

We had dinner with well known abductee Travis Walton and witness to the incident Steve Pierce. A couple of regular guys that have been through the ringer with being hounded by world wide press, attempting to bribe Steve Pierce to say that it never happened. They endured their own family members not believing their experience. Travis book based on his experience of being taken for 5 days is called “Fire in the Sky, The Travis Walton Experience” and is well worth the read. You may recognize the name from the movie that was based on his account.

Dianna Perla Chappa,
This is Dianna Perla Chappa and Me

My one complaint was that there were so many great speakers on such a variety of topics that we couldn’t get to all of the lectures. Four speakers ran at once. The topics ranged from weird metals still found at the crash site by researcher Frank Kimbler, the military cover up of the crash, Freddy Silva on crop circles and what they mean to the Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, who in the 80’s, brought renewed interest to the Roswell incident. His lecture covered the technology that has already been developed that could theoretically power interstellar spacecraft. I really enjoyed the entertaining Diana Perla Chapa from Monterey, Mexico and her interesting footage of flying humanoids and her lecture on Mayan Predictions. Paola Harris was there with a UFO Update from the international perspective and Kathleen Marden, Betty Hills Niece, spoke on the Betty and Barney Hill experience. Galexy fest wouldn’t be complete with out the very nice Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt, both with bestselling books on the Roswell Incident.

Robert Salas
Sitting next to Robert Salas!

Aerospace Engineer and former Air Force officer Robert Salas gave his lecture on the connections between UFO’s and our Nuclear Technology and why it is covered up. His interesting experience is recounted in his book “Faded Giant”. While he was stationed in Montana at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Robert witnessed Minuteman Nuclear Missiles become disarmed immediately after a UFO was reported hovering over the base. This incident is one of many involving UFO’s an their apparent concern of our ability to safely handle Nuclear Technology!

The speakers and people that attend these conferences are really quite interesting to talk to and quite thought provoking. They seem to fall into various camps: people and researchers with personal experiences and sightings, the scientists who would love to get their hand on the technology and the plain old curious and open-minded. I probably shouldn’t leave out Men in Black. The funny thing is, while listening to this subject matter in a town called Roswell that is full of UFO and Alien Décor and hoopla, there are usually a couple of people that seem a bit “out there”. I know, I know… it’s all in the perspective! Bottom line, it was fun and I’d go again.

Dog parade float
My favorite float!

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