A Past Life Regression can be quite an adventure as well as an exciting way to understand yourself and your souls purpose. It’s normal to feel a little nervous at first!

In a nutshell, the Past Life Regression specialist will first discuss with you what your questions and expectations are, as well as the issues that you would like to address. They will tell you what to expect during your session. The therapist will have you sit in a comfortable chair, recliner or lay on a couch. Next you will be guided to gradually reach a hypnotic state using spoken relaxation techniques and guided imagery.

The hypnotic process allows your body to completely relax while your mind stays focused. The analytical part of your brain will quiet down and let go of control. You reach a slower brainwave and with the therapist’s guidance and questions, your memories will begin to surface. In this state your soul and subconscious mind are able to access memories from this life as well as your past lives and existences. You will experience them in your minds eye, somewhat like a dream.

Along with images in your minds eye you may feel emotions as well as sensations in your body or “just knowing” information. You may stay in one past life or jump to other past lives, as well as spend time between lives with your spirit guides. The process is very relaxing and healing. Each person is unique and every session is different. That’s half of the fun!

Why People Seek Out Past life Regression Sessions:

A Sense of Familiarity to Places or People:

Places: You may have experienced a feeling of Déjà vu when visiting somewhere new. Buildings or landmarks that felt familiar. As an example: my mother experienced this as a child. Her family was traveling to the west coast through a small town. My mom woke up as they entered the town and even though she had never been there before, she started to tell her family where to turn and what the layout of the town was as if she had lived there for years.

This can also manifest as a familiarity or attraction to cultural objects, customs or even another county.

People: Every so often we meet a person who we feel instantly connected and drawn to. The feeling can also be about a person that we instantly dislike or clash with. We meet many random people in our lives, but these familiar people stand out and they often become significant in our lives. They can be the love of our life, an annoying parent or sibling or even our mortal enemy. Almost without exception we have already had lives with these souls before and are here to interact with them again, to learn more, love more and to improve our own reactions and soul growth and maturity (to also help them at the same time). At some level we know from the moment we meet them that they will be significant in our lives.

By experiencing our past lives we can understand more about these familiar souls, places, events, interactions and deaths. It can help clarify current feelings of love and attachment, fear or remorse. These strong feelings will often make more sense in this perspective.


I have clients that have dreamt of a place or person so often that they wondered if it really was another life they had lived. They were able to confirm this in a Past Life Regression. From quick snippets of a dream to longer dreams of a particular place, these people or events can be memories from past lives. Other clues are different types of dress that don’t seem current. If you seem to be another age, race or gender or you see structures or landscapes that aren’t familiar. It’s quite interesting to find out what our dreams or nightmares are trying to remind us of.


Although experiencing your past lives can be quite healing, sometimes its just interesting to see where you have lived before, who you were and who your friends and loved ones in other times. Its interesting to note that on occasion you can see other existences before your earth lives. Not always but occasionally clients have even been able to see forward possibilities in their current life or future lives.

An Event That Suddenly Stirs up Memory:

You experience something like a car accident, or a seemingly trivial event like seeing an object while antique shopping. Even reaching the same age as you were in a past life that something important occurred. Meeting that familiar person or any of these other events can trigger you onto a path of discovery to try to explain your sudden feelings.

Physical or Psychological Issues:

A nagging physical problem that has defied traditional medical treatment can sometimes be traced back to a past life issue. It is important to seek medical or psychological help first! This can rule out things that can be otherwise explained and treated by professionals. With that said, I have witnessed clients with life long skin conditions that improve or clear up after experiencing the past life recall of their issue’s origins. Other physical maladies that I have seen improve or heal all together are nagging are back pain, and random stabbing or persistent pains and migraines. Life long or sudden onset anxieties, phobias or insomnia are all problems that can have origins in another lifetime’s nagging injury. I’ve witnessed many of these disappear or improve as well, after understanding a previous life’s injury (mental or physical). There are no guarantees, but this is one more avenue that can potentially bring healing.

It defies logic and western medical thought that experiencing that a Past life Regression can help, but symptoms might be your soul trying to get your attention and remind you of a spiritual issue that needs your attention.

Spiritual growth and wellbeing:

The hypnotic state is a great place to explore and expand your spiritual understanding of who you are as a soul! It can help us remember that we not just our body or our current lifetime of experiences. Our souls are more or less driving around our current body in our current life’s play. We often forget all of our souls abilities that we have learned over many lifetimes. It’s easy to let ourselves get discouraged or stuck by things in life that are really just our classroom for soul growth. We all have quiet help from the other side in the form of spirit guides and angels to help us along our chosen life paths.

During Past Life Hypnosis people may experience their own guides. They are able to ask questions that are often answered. A renewed sense of understanding, healing and connection are often the outcome.

Some Myths About Past Life Hypnosis:

Myth: I Will Be Under the Control of the Hypnotherapist:

The therapist is your guide, but you are really the one finding your way into the hypnotic state with their help. You can think and will be describing what you are experiencing to your hypnotherapist. It’s much like when you are driving and deeply thinking about something, then the next thing you know you have arrived at your destination and don’t remember much about what your body was doing to get you there. Your mind stays focused as your body fades back. You are never out of control.

Myth: I Won’t Remember Anything

You will clearly remember the images and feelings. People often later draw or find pictures of what they have seen. It’s great to tape the session or journal about it afterwards. Often information that is learned while visiting a past life such as names, dates, places, words, clothing and objects or customs that seem foreign can all be researched afterward.

Myth: I May Never Wake Up

To my knowledge this has never happened… ever! At most the client will sleep for a while and then wake up. In my experience everyone has woken up on queue and feels relaxed!

Myth: The Hypnotherapist Won’t be Able to Get Me Hypnotized: 

You are actually the one allowing yourself to become relaxed and find the place that is conducive to seeing your past lives. The hypnotherapist is more or less a tour guide to help you find that place and guide you through the process once you reach the state. In my opinion most everyone is capable of reaching the hypnotic state, with few exceptions. On occasion a client may have trouble letting go and allowing the more relaxed intuitive side of their nature to drive. This can be overcome with practice.

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  1. That is really cool that past life regression can help you understand your soul’s purpose. I have been feeling a little lost lately, and I don’t know what to do. I’m glad that a therapist will be able to help me with the questions that I have.

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