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How Kim can help you ?

For years, Kim has helped clients reach a greater understand of themselves and the world around them, through her extraordinary abilities as a spiritual counselor. Her sheer professionalism and understanding of her work shines through in the realizations she brings to her clients.

Kim past experiences have given her a deeper understanding of the metaphysical world to which we are all connected. She continues to guide people through self-doubt, misunderstanding and inexplicable feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction. She opens peoples eyes to undiscovered connections between mind, body, spirit and soul in relation to the outside world.

Past Life Regression

In training with internationally acclaimed past life therapist Dr. Brian Weiss and personally working with hundreds of past life regression clients, Kim has developed her own hypnotherapy based methods of accessing our memories of past lives. It is not necessary to have a belief system in past lives to yield positive benefits.

  • Overcome Phobias


Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance concentration, confidence and performance as well as overcoming cycles of fear, stress and anxiety. The goal is to empower clients to envision and accomplish success and happiness in their lives. This is achieved by using techniques to guide an individual into a calm focused alpha state of mind.

  • Stress Reduction

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Intuitive Reading

Through basic counseling this method utilizes the observation of the clients aura color and movement, feel of energies, visions, and messages from loved one that have passed over, to connect on a deeper level. After processing all of this various input it is then translated into messages and information for the client.

  • Aura interpretation
  • Psychic Medium
  • Medical intuitive
  • Resolve relationship issues

Energy Balancing / healing

Kim is certified in Reiki along with other healing methodologies, such as energy healing, clearing and balancing. Energy work involves simple energy principles and practices that keep our energy strong and healthy for our body, mind and soul. Chakra clearing is a method that re-aligns the energy centers to improve and maintain energy and chakra balance.

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Soul Releasement

Soul Releasement is the process of clearing out negative or dark energy blocks and attachments that have been acquired during the course of living that are negatively impacting your life. Incidences such as emotional, physical, or substance abuse at any point in our lives often create vulnerabilities to negative energy attachments which then become integrated into our lives.

  • Remove negative Energy Attachments

Dream Interpretation

Within our dreams are many symbols representing issues in our subconscious mind that want to be recognized in a conscious way. The client will describe their dreams in detail, including their emotional state. The Dream will then be analyzed and interpreted to help the client understand what their subconscious mind and higher self is trying to tell them.

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Psychokinesis / Spoon Bending

Spoon bending is a fun way to experience Psychokinesis (the science of a person’s mind and energy interacting with matter), in this case to bend a spoon. The client will be taught how to focus their internal energy on an object and cause it to bend at their will.

Lectures, Group sessions and Parties for adults and teens

Kim is experienced in lecturing and giving demonstrations regarding topics related to her services. These can be tailored to the client’s event or party. These include, but are not limited to: Past Lives, lecture and or group hypnosis Intuition 

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