The Secrets to a Successful Past Life Regression – Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is a relaxed state of your body and your mind is in a slowed state or alpha wave. Think of when you are deep in creative thought. The world just blurs away and your mind runs free. Time will fly by but seem like only a few minutes. Most of us have experienced this many times on our own, or in meditation. It’s important to choose a certified hypnotherapist that you feel very comfortable with. There really is nothing to be afraid of, and the experience can be very restful. The hypnotherapist will guide you through the process.

The big secret to hypnosis is not to try too hard and to just relax and follow along. Before you know it, feelings, images, physical sensations and emotions will start to flow. Most people can be hypnotized, and many times the very people that don’t think they can be are the best candidates. In my group sessions with college students, I enjoy seeing the surprise when even the skeptics recall experiences from a previous lifetime. Private sessions can be the most productive, because they are more comfortable and personalized. I structure the sessions for two hours with the goal that clients will experience two or three past lives and have an in depth experience.

Another secret is not to intellectualize and critique what is happening. Just set all analysis aside until the end of the session when the information is processed and healing starts. In my first Past Life Regression, I had it all running through my mind: “I’m not really hypnotized because I can think”, “I want to get my money’s worth”, “I probably saw this in a movie or on TV”, “I can hear a noise in the room”, “ my nose has an itch”… A good hypnotherapist will help you find that perfect level of relaxation, quiet the left brained chatter and leave the analysis behind. Then the real show will begin.

Be open to what you experience you receive: It may not be the one you were looking for, but the one you need. In a typical session you will be directed into the area you want to explore. Keep in mind that if you have something that your soul or higher self really want to show you, that is more likely what you will see. I’ve had people want to see how they know their boyfriend and then they get taken to another relationship that is a bigger issue in their life. You will see what you are ready for.

You will be able to answer questions while hypnotized and remember everything after your session. I ask a lot of non-leading questions and this helps trigger the information to come forward. You will probably not be able to answer every question, but the questions stimulate the information. If a client starts out slow, I will suggest that they use their imagination and describe something, maybe a house from the past… It’s like priming the pump and many times as they describe the house, we just roll right into a lifetime and that house they thought they were imagining will really be the house they lived in. The information is all there in your soul memory. Other people just start immediately experiencing their lifetime fast and furious at a critical event in that lifetime. Usually we will jump from the initial scene to other points in the life time and circle back on the initial scene with a more full understanding of what was happening and why.

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