My Experiences On The Radio

Kim Trotman, Newport Beach CA, Newport Beach Psychic

I’m so thankful to the warm and interesting host Char McCain for having me as a guest on her show “The Paranormal and The Sacred”. A special thanks to all of the brave people that called in to asked questions and let me do intuitive readings for them, and all of their positive feedback.

During the interview we discuss my family background and how the heck I went from working in Civil Engineering Design to working as a Hypnotherapist doing Past Life Regressions, Intuitive readings and Mediumship. I even have my very own Psychic pimp! Thanks Jeanne!

The questions were great. I answer questions ranging from how you can learn to see Auras and what some of the colors mean to how I learned to do Past Life Regressions and my training with the amazing Dr. Brian Weiss. I explain different theories and my own belief as to what recovered “Past Life” experiences are. I discussed the healing potential and tell my own story of clearing my phobia of being strangled. I described a recent case where a client had a spontaneous regression into her past lifetime where her now adoring husband murdered her.

A question from Adrian brought his deceased father through with an apology. We even had Steve Pierce (witness to the Travis Walton UFO case) call in with a question about his missing brother and whether he should finish writing his book. The brave host Char McCain let me read her and look at the changes in her life.

We also talked about the importance of staying grounded in life, even with paranormal and UFO interests, what topics I cover when I guest Lecture at Chapman University and which crazy class asks me to come speak. I even gave advice on how to see a past life using self-hypnosis.

Here is the link to my interview on “The Paranormal and the Sacred”. I hope you enjoy it!

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