Married to the Man Who Murdered Her in Their Past Life

mudered in a past life

I had an interesting case recently. A professional woman Marty and her husband Alan came in to see if I could help her. (Not their real names) She looked extremely stressed and tired. She was getting worse and had even quit her prominent job. Her very protective husband was desperate to find help for her. Through a series of questions it came to light that she was really uncomfortable with water. She was especially fearful of dirty water. As a child Marty had almost drowned, so that was a real possibility for the cause of her fear, but it seemed to run deeper. She was not sleeping well and had nightmares about dirty water. (These had stopped when she met her husband 5 years before). Marty felt a constant sense of choking. Another thing she mentioned was not being able to stand it when Alan put his hand on or near her stomach.

Marty’s aura was quite grey and shriveled looking. What happened next was a surprise. She closed her eyes and I started to clear her Chakras (Energy Centers that run along the center of the body) using Reiki. She had blocked the energy at the crown of her head. This seemed to be her way of protecting herself and to block what she was feeling. As I opened the energy flow, she said she could feel it running down through her body like water. Blocked energy is not healthy for your body. I worked my way down and when I got to her third Chakra (the one in the stomach area) I felt a sharp jolt of energy shoot out and into my hand! After I cleared this Chakra I motioned to her husband to hold his hand in this area, along with mine. I did this to understand what was going on with their energy dynamic. Her eyes were closed but as soon as his hand entered her energy field she started to cringe. I had him remove his hand and she burst into tears, started shaking and said she was a little girl running. Her trauma from this Past Life was so close to the surface that she spontaneously went into it without hypnosis. It was like opening up a bottle of soda under pressure. The built up pressure needs to be released.

Marty went easily into the hypnotic state and again started sobbing and shaking. She described running through a forest and hearing wolves breathing as they chased her. I held her hand as she relived this past life. Alan reached for her hand and she violently pulled back. He looked hurt and worried, but sat back. Marty said in a little girl’s terrified voice that she was getting tired and couldn’t keep running. I told her to just see what happens next. While still crying, she said in a shocked voice, “It’s not wolves, it was HIM! It’s ALAN and he’s choking me and holding my head in the dirty water. He’s killing me!” Alan started crying at that point. Marty was extremely upset and angry. He had left her there floating in the dirty pond. She could see her doll floating next to her, under a big full moon that was lighting up the night. This life seemed to be in Europe. He (Alan) had worked for her mother chopping wood and wanted to get Marty out of the way. She said, “I hate him”. A few days after her murder, police dogs found her body. She could even see the state of decay her body was in. (A bit unusual) She described seeing the murderer (Alan) hiding behind a tree watching and laughing as the police found her. Marty was especially sad for her mother to see her like that. She stayed around in spirit until she was buried and became furious to see him at her funeral smirking. He “threw” her little body into the grave. Marty was outraged that her mother and everyone else never found out that he had murdered her.

After this tough session I had her float up and heal. I asked her to let the fear and anger float back to the past. I asked her to forgive him and reminded her that Alan had come back and was now very loving toward her. That he was trying to make it up to her now, in her current lifetime. She struggled with it. Marty then said in a surprised voice that her favorite grandmother (deceased) had joined her. She lovingly told Marty that she really needed to let it go and forgive him. With this help I could see her forgive him and soften.

Afterward when Marty was awake, Alan understandably had a hard time accepting that he was her murderer, but Marty was convinced. She said she felt much better, a sense of relief. She had hated the full moon and wolves before and now this made more a lot more sense.

When Marty came back with a friend a week later, I was happy to learn that her choking had stopped. She visibly looked much happier and more relaxed. I hadn’t realized it, but prior to the session, Marty had asked Alan for a divorce. Afterwards she felt so much better that they were back together and she didn’t feel that sense of dread when he physically touched her.

Until we find a way to clear unresolved pain, resentment or fear, they can hang on through lifetimes and cause problems in our current life. Past life Regression and Hypnotherapy are a great tool help us through. Once we see and understand consciously what has happened the lingering pain and fear can be released for good!