Past life regression

Most of us are curious about our past lives and how they affect our current lifetime. Is it really possible to explore these experiences our self? Yes, Past Life Hypnotic Regression makes this possible. These are some things that will help you have a successful experience.

My personal experience of developing a phobia and having nightmares of being strangled seemingly came out of the blue in my early 20’s. A choking feeling and health problems with my throat became constant. I would feel panicked when anyone or anything was near my neck. My awareness of reincarnation prompted me to finally try Past Life Hypnosis. I realized that the phobia was really my soul trying to send me a warning. The problems started a few months before I dated the man who strangled me in past life. He was still a jerk but at least he didn’t strangle me this time around. Even though I had stopped dating him, the phobia and symptoms continued until I brought it into my conscious mind. After this, my health issues improved and my phobia went away. This personal experience fueled my desire to help others heal their own phobias, fears, physical ailments and relationship issues that traditional therapy and medicine have not helped.

I am a huge fan of Dr. Brian Weiss and his fascinating book “Many Lives, Many Masters” where he describes his journey of discovering the healing potential of using hypnosis with his patient Catherine to uncover the traumas from her previous life times that had plagued her current life. He went from a skeptical Psychiatrist to an advocate and teacher sharing his expertise in the field. I feel so fortunate to have studied with Dr. Brian Weiss and his wife Carol at the Omega Institute in Texas. I received my Past Life Hypnotherapy Certification with a true master teacher and wonderful person! Be sure to check out his new book “Miracles Happen, The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories” that he wrote with his daughter Amy E. Weiss, MSW.

Various reasons motivate people to take the journey into their past lives. Some are tourists, open to any experience to confirm their existence beyond this physical body. Others have more pressing problems holding them back in their current life or relationship. Stay tuned; I will post some of the fascinating stories in upcoming blogs!

Vivid detailed dreams that feel real can be a clue to your other lifetimes. The following is an example of this type of dream that I had as a teenager. I was a man fighting on the deck of a large ship (maybe Spanish armada). I found myself partially behind a large mast when I looked up and saw a puff of smoke. I saw a man pointing an odd looking gun with a flared end at me. I started to fall onto the deck and I knew I was dead. I woke up with a start and knew it was probably a past life.

Ask your higher self to help you become aware of what issues to focus on before you go to sleep or while you meditate. Even if you are not consciously aware of receiving an answer, this will help streamline your experience and point you toward the information that will be the most beneficial in a session.

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