The death scene is usually not scary. I know this seems counterintuitive, but I’ve found this to be the case. Normally the specific moments during the lifetime are more pivotal. In one session a woman of Asian American descent was experiencing a lifetime as a boy of around 10 years old from a primitive tribe. He was allowed to hunt with the men because of a drought condition and shortage of food. While hunting the boy heard a noise behind them and a tiger chased them. He couldn’t run as fast as the men through the sand and got caught. I had her float up out of the body and look down. I asked her what was happening, and she was kind of suppressing a laugh and said the tiger was eating the boy. Then she said I don’t know why, but this just seems extremely funny to me. I never cease to be amazed! In processing at the end there was absolutely no fear of death in that existence. More often clients can just describe it as if watching a movie, and they occasionally stay around and watch loved ones for a while after their death.

The lifetimes are gathered, processed and healed after floating out of the bodies into the area in between lives. Our guides, higher self or even deceased loved ones are often experienced in this area. Bringing the various lifetime memories into the conscious mind and understanding your patterns will lead to real healing. Things that have held us back or caused us to feel physically or emotionally stuck or sick become clear.

More insights will come to you in the weeks after your session. Once the memory has been opened you have the key to that door your mind will continue to process the data. Understanding and insights will come to you in dreams or while in thought and even in further hypnosis sessions. For some, one session is all you need, for others it’s a process of peeling back the layers of issues from the past and they will have a series of sessions over time.

It doesn’t really matter whether you believe that you have been reincarnated or it only exists in your mind. The healing and perception beyond your physical existence can be profound. The conscious amnesia we have to our previous life times helps us focus on the current life we are leading and not be cluttered with everything we have ever done in all of our existences. This amazing process gives us a way to sift through and find the important experiences and lives that have immediate impact on our current existence to help us become un-stuck and move forward!

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